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Even though it’s been mentioned here several times before it’s well worth mentioning the security features of Time Clock MTS designed to prevent employee fraud. Here’s an email I received recently:

We have found that our employees are able to manipulate their time by simply changing the computer time. Once they change the time on the computer it changes the time on the MTS time clock thus allowing them to clock out early and leave but yet the timesheet is showing them out at a later time. How is it this software allows that? Is there a way to stop it?

This can of course be addressed by Time Clock MTS. The possible solutions in order of preference are:

  1. Turn on the internet time synchronization feature. This way the clock in and out times are completely un-related to the PC system clock.
  2. If 1. is not possible setup the PC with a system policy requiring Windows Administrator permissions to change the system time.
  3. If 1. and 2. are not possible then turn on the ‘admin password required on software startup’ feature and check the ‘do not allow system clock changes’ checkbox. In this case, users cannot change the system clock while Time Clock MTS is running, and while they can stop the software they cannot re-start it without the admin password. The administrator can then check the PC system time before allowing Time Clock MTS to re-start.

If you want to learn about more of the security features within Time Clock MTS take a look at the Security Features of Time Clock MTS weblog post or at the security features help topic in our online help file.

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