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I got a good email from a new user of the software this morning and I thought it was worth posting up their question and my response here.

I am interested in time clock MTS but I have a few questions. Is there any way to input what vacation has been accrued to date? Also, I would like vacation to be accrued per # of hrs worked. Is there any way to input this so that employees and admin are able to view what is avail at any time? Does the program need to be linked to a single server in order for employees/admin to be able to use different computers etc? Is $199 a ONE time purchase fee? Thank you.

And here’s my reply.

1) Yes, each employee can have a starting balance. This is set on each employee’s payroll information screen. You can see the employee payroll information screen here:

Employee Payroll Information Screen.

2) Employees can view their own time card (which includes vacation balance). To set that up see these instructions:

Employees Viewing their time cards.

3) The time clock database needs to be stored on a server that can share the file for it to be used on multiple computers. It doesn’t need to be a server, it could be a NAS or even just a regular PC that has a mapped network drive.. Setup instructions are here:

Setting up the Time Clock MTS Network Edition.

4) The $199 includes a lifetime license to use version 5 of Time Clock MTS and one year of email support and access to software updates. Support/updates after the first year is $50 (US) for the Network Edition but your software will keep working whether or not you renew support.

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