Employee Barcode Attendance System

The Time Clock MTS Keypad Interface

The Time Clock MTS Keypad Interface

Time Clock MTS was designed to be a flexible barcode attendance system for small and medium sized businesses. Here’s what you need to do so that you can use Time Clock MTS as your Barcode Attendance System.

  1. Decide if you’re going to use Time Clock MTS in Employee List mode or Keypad Mode If you’re going to use Employee List mode then you’ll need to read the instructions on this page. If you’re going to use the Keypad Mode then keep reading the page you’re on now.
  2. Install and run Time Clock MTS. Log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator and go to the Tools->Options->Interface Settings Screen.
  3. Change the Data Entry Mode setting to “Keypad”.
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Log out of the administrator mode of Time Clock MTS and you should see the Keypad interface of the software (see the screenshot above).
  6. Get a suitable barcode reader. Time Clock MTS requires a barcode reader that has a ‘keyboard wedge’ or a ‘software wedge’. This means that it can be plugged into either the USB port or old style PS2 keyboard port of your computer and output characters to your computer exactly the same as a computer keyboard. Sometimes the reader will come with some software that needs to be installed to allow this to happen.
  7. Configure the barcode reader to put a return character at the end of each scanned barcode. Most readers do this by default but you might need to change the settings of the reader via the configuration software that comes with it.
  8. Log back into Time Clock MTS as the administrator and create your employee records in Time Clock MTS using the Employee Maintenance->Add New Employee screen. Take note of each employee’s Badge ID
  9. Get your employee barcode attendance badges printed. The data encoded should be each employee’s badge ID and no other data. Make sure that the barcode encoding you use is supported by your barcode reader.

Now that you’ve configured the software, setup your bar code reader, and printed your employee bar code badges you’re ready to start using Time Clock MTS as a bar code attendance system. All you need to do is run Time Clock MTS in keypad interface mode and have it as the active Windows application. As employees scan their bar code attendance badges the employee badge id will appear in the badge number field on the screen and the clock in or out action will be triggered automatically. Note that if you’ve got employee PINs or employee notes activated then your employees will still need to enter this information via keyboard or touchscreen.

If you require more detailed instructions on setting up Time Clock MTS as a barcode attendance system then please take a look at this article, Time Clock MTS and Bar Code Readers.

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