Version 4.1.1 Released

Version 4.1.1 of our employee punch clock software has been released. The changes made in this release are primarily aimed at the employee time off requests area of Time Clock MTS but there’s a few changes made to other things too. Here’s a list of the changes made:

  • No Finger Scan setting added to the employee information screen. When checked for an employee that employee will not need to scan their fingerprint to clock in and out. Useful for employees whose fingers will not scan reliably. Of course you must have the biometric time card features switched on for this setting to have any effect.
  • When an employee bulletin that requires acceptance is marked as read by an employee it will no longer be displayed to that employee.
  • A different icon is shown for employees that are clocked into a job on the employee list interface.
  • Changed the date formats on the employee and administrator time off request screens to allow for proper date sorting when the column headers are clicked.
  • Adjusted some of the text and tooltip popups on the import employees screen.
  • Made several changes to the administrator manage time off requests screen. The changes include adding a time filter, relocating the time off request status filter check boxes, and adding the view time off request report button.
  • Added the time off request report.
  • The value of the checkbox that creates an employee bulletin on the Approve/Deny time off request screen is now remembered.
  • Fixed up the import employees process to bring in employee display color and do no pay overtime settings correctly.

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