Version 3.3.5 Released

While I am writing this entry Version 3.3.5 of Time Clock MTS is being uploaded. The changes made to this version of are detailed below.

  • The software incorrectly displaying employees as clocked out after switching jobs has prompted a re-write of the code run when employees are selected on the employee list interface. The result is that the incorrect display is fixed, the number of database accesses has been reduced considerably and response times have improved.
  • Added some new fields to the Export Data system. This includes the <HOURS_DECIMAL> field which displays times in decimal format regardless of your global time display format setting. The other two fields added are <EXPORT_START_DATE> and <EXPORT_END_DATE>.
  • Added capability for pre-defined (and read only) data export formats.
  • Added pre-defined data export formats to suit Sure Payroll and Union Bank Online Payroll.
  • Exporting data will now group Normal and Holiday time if they have the same rate code.
  • Exporting data will now group OT1 and OT2 if they have the same rate code.

Note that for the Sure Payroll and Union Bank Online Payroll export formats to work correct you must set the Time Clock MTS employee badge number to the corresponding payroll system employee ID. Also, because Time Clock MTS does not track first and last names separately employees in Time Clock MTS must be named using the form Last Name, First Name. For more detailed information see the Sure Payroll integration or the Union Bank Online Payroll Integration How-To articles.

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