Version 2.3.2 Released

A new minor release of Time Clock MTS today fixing up a few problems. Details of the fixes are below:

  • Some fixes to the way resizing of the application window works. In some cases the bottom employee on the employee list wouldn’t be visible, I think this is because of the scroll bars appearing on the list of employees. This should be fixed up now, along with the maximize window button being disabled when you’re using the keypad interface.
  • A fix to the mySQL database creation script, for some reason LONGTEXT fields were being set to VARCHAR(255). Now all fixed.
  • Fix to all payroll reports where the monthly pay amount was more than $9,999.99. Wages now display and print correctly.
  • Employees using the ‘View My Information’ button can no longer view the time location report and the departmental wages report.

Additionally, Time Clock MTS Version 2.3.1 (released about a month ago) included a fix for the shift restriction feature which was working for a long time and then stopped working.

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