Version 2.3.0 Released

I finally rolled over to version 2.3.0 of Time Clock MTS today. There’s been a large number of improvements and new features since Version 2.2.0 so I guess the time had arrived! There were several changes from the last release (2.2.16) and it’s worth discussing them in some detail here.

  • Added optional data logging to the software. This logging records all changes made to clock in and out times and stores them in an encrypted table for security reasons. You can view the log for any time on via the Edit Times screen. Take a look at the online help file to read more about the view time log screen.
  • Re-ordered the internet time server list to move a problem server to the bottom of the list. You can read more about the problem server here.
  • Fixed up a couple of problems with the software that I’d been trying to sort out for a while. The first is a fix to spontaneously re-setting administrator passwords and the second is a fix to overtime calculations when using the ‘no double up’ setting.

You might be interested to know that the new time data logging feature and the Departmental Wages Report added in the last version were added at the request of existing Time Clock MTS users. Is there a report you’d like to see added to the software? A feature that is missing that you simply cannot do without? Well just go ahead and contact me and I’ll see how your request can be accommodated.

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