How to Email Payroll Reports

Running the Employee ID Report

Running the Employee ID Report

This Time Clock MTS How-To article explains how to email payroll reports using Time Clock MTS Version 6 and later. Note that this will only work if you’re NOT using web-based email. So you’ll need to be using desktop email software like Outlook or Thunderbird or The Bat!. If you’re using web-based email like GMail or Hotmail then you’ll have to export your time clock reports to one of the many available formats and attach them to an email manually. If you’re using a desktop email program like Thunderbird that allows you to send email using a Hotmail or GMail account then YOU CAN EMAIL TIME CLOCK REPORTS using Time Clock MTS.

Time Clock MTS can create payroll reports and attach them directly to an email in many different file formats including PDF, HTML, Rich Text (RTF), Excel (XLS and XLSX), comma separated (CSV), plain text, and various direct image formats such as bitmaps, JPEG, and PNG.

Here’s how to email a Time Clock MTS Payroll Report:

  1. Log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator or as the reports user and run a payroll report. In this example we’re going to run the Employee ID Report (see image at the top of this article).
  2. The Employee ID Report

    The Employee ID Report

  3. When the report is generated it’ll be shown to you in the reporting window (see above). Look for the Email Report button on the far right of the toolbar and click it. When clicked a drop down will appear showing you the various file formats the report can be emailed in (see image below).
  4. Emailing the Report as PDF File

    Emailing the Report as PDF File

  5. Choose the format you want to email (we’re choosing PDF here) and Time Clock MTS will prompt you for a file name for the report (see image below).
  6. Choosing a File Name

    Choosing a File Name

  7. Give the report file a name, click the SAVE button and in a second or two your email client will pop up a new email message with the report file attached to it (See below).
  8. Ready to Email!

    Ready to Email!

  9. Now you’re ready to add some text to the email and send it!

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