Auto Body Time Clock System Review

Matt Petrella, of Petrellas Auto Body in Cortland, New York took the time to send through a great review of our Time Clock Software, Time Clock MTS today. You can find it and many other kind words from our users on the timeclock user review page.

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your assistance with the upgrade on our Time Clock software.

As you know we have been a user since 2009. When I took this shop over there was no time clock in place. I immediately knew that I needed to implement a time clock solution. After spending a great deal of time researching the antiquated punch clocks, that sit on a shelf and gather dust. I decided to research and find a software time clock.
What was most attractive about your software is that it gave me the opportunity use the software for a demonstration period. After the download, the set up was amazingly easy and we were up and running in no time.

We utilize an outside organization for our payroll. The best part of your program is that in 2 minutes can have my payroll report done and emailed out. With the old time clock method, it would take an hour.

Another huge benefit that we take advantage of with your product is the Employee Bulletin Board upon employee sign in. I send them custom messages and assign them to a specific job. For me, when I am brain storming in the evening or on the golf course, If I have a thought that I want to share with my employees, I can log in and post it to their bulletin board immediately.

One last benefit that I want to talk about is the we have the ability to track vacation time. The way we do it is each technician accrues hours of vacation on a weekly basis and with your software we are able to do this. I did not demo another software that enables you to do that.

Again, I want to thank you for your assistance and for making my life easy and saving me a TREMENDOUS amount of time and eliminating the chance for error when calculating payroll hours.

Matthew PetrellaOwnerPetrella Bros Auto BodyNew York, USA

Clearly, if you’re looking for a useful (and cost effective) timeclock system for your auto body or crash repair business then Time Clock MTS is what you should be using. Why not download the free 30 day trial today?

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