User Question : Times Not Appearing on Reports

NOTE: This feature, the first day starts at setting applies to Versions 4 and earlier. It was removed from the software in Version 5 and later.

We received this question from a user of the free version of Time Clock MTS.

Both employees punch in and out for each the morning and afternoon work periods. The problem is that now I’m finding that when I run a Punchcard Report for the period March 16 through the 31st, the first period, say from 8:00AM till lunch (usually around 1PM), does not appear. Only the afternoon period appears on the report. This does not happen for January or February. I have read on your web site that you suggest having shifts start at 12AM to avoid this, but to prevent early clocking in we have had the shift start at 8AM for quite a while without seeing this problem. I hope you can assist me with this.

It’s not unusual for us to get emails from users reporting the same sort of behaviour. In every case it is linked to the First Day Starts At setting on the Payroll Settings screen. This setting actually changes the time at which Time Clock MTS considers a day to start. So, if you set it to 8:00AM then any time before 8:00AM is considered to be the day prior. The setting shouldn’t be used if you just want to define when your shift begins or end and in almost every case shouldn’t really ever be used at all.

Some time ago I covered in detail what you might use this setting for and why you almost certainly don’t want to use it. You can read it all in the First Day Starts At Clarifications article.

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