Time Clock MTS for Mechanics and Auto Repair Companies

You’ve probably noticed over the last month or so that we’ve been writing about the sorts of companies that use our employee time clock system, including Gyms, Childcare Centers, Optometrists, and Schools. Continuing on in this theme today I thought I’d examine our sales database to look for automotive related businesses that use our software. It turns out that about 125 different companies from this business sector use Time Clock MTS. This includes auto service companies, auto sales companies, smash and body repair companies, and tire and auto care companies.

When you consider the method which these types companies employ their staff it’s no real surprise that a low cost and easy to use time clock system like ours has proved to be popular. Automotive companies generally employee their mechanics and technicians on an hourly basis, they will typically offer some sort of overtime scheme, and depending on state awards may have to offer and track both sick and vacation accruals for those employees. Time Clock MTS can meet all of these needs and provides very low on-going costs and can complete eliminate mechanical time clocks or paper based timesheets. If it sounds like Time Clock MTS is what you’re looking for why not download the free 30 day trial!

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