More New Time Clock User Questions

I’ve had a few good emails in the last week from new users of the software, and here’s another one that I thought was worth sharing.

I have a customer that might be interested in your time-clock. This customer has 3 locations and I was curious if you offered a solution to connect the 3 stores together like a cloud based time clock or something.
Not only would you be able to pull all punched time from any location but also the employee information would replicate to all 3 locations as well.
Please let me know if you offer something like this.

I suggest you take a look at our online time clock system. You can see that here:

Online Time Clock MTS is a browser based time clock system that allow your employees to punch in and out from any web-enabled device with a browser, be it computer, cell phone, or tablet. It includes a large sub-set of the features that the installable version of Time Clock MTS offers and has the big advantage of being able to share your time clock data across the internet and in between your office locations.

Is there anything that prevents someone from clocking in and out from their house instead of actually being at the workplace?

Sure, there’s a system to restrict employees clocking in by IP address. See here for more information:

The IP address of a computer that is connected to the internet is unique and assigned to it (or the modem you use to connect to the internet) by your internet service provider. It may change from time to time but typically your ISP assigns you a public IP address from a given range. You shouldn’t confuse your “public IP address” (the unique internet address) with the “private IP address” that most computers on private networks have. The private IP address is usually not unique and is not visible when you connect to the internet with a web-browser.

You can use the range of public IP addresses assigned to you by your ISP to prevent Online Time Clock MTS employees from punching in and out from outside of your own company network (for example from home or on the cell phones). You may find that your ISP offers a fixed IP address service that allows you to maintain a fixed address. This makes restricting employee punches even easier. If you wanted to read more about what an IP address is then try this article on Wikipedia. If you wanted to work out what your public IP address is on the internet then you just need to type What is my IP address into Google.

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