Clock In with a Fingerprint

Good employers are always looking for ways in which to simplify the equipment equipment and processes used in a business as well as saving cost. Recording employee attendance data is one area in which there are real cost savings and efficiency gains to be realized. The advent of low cost biometric finger scanning has proven very useful in simplifying both the processes and equipment required for a robust employee time clock system.

A fingerprint clocking in system can help your business in more ways than one. Once the workers are clocking in and out using their fingerprints, there won’t be any need for ID badges and other security badges. Depending on the number of employees in the business, you will save money on the materials needed to make these badges each year, not to mention the cost of replacing them if they get lost or damaged.

If you’re worried about buddy punching in the workplace, a fingerprint clocking in system is a great way to completely eliminate this. As the employees need to clock in and out using their fingerprints, they will only ever be able to clock themselves in and out, rather than other employees. It will also stop unauthorized people entering the workplace, as they won’t be able to get in without fingerprints that are recognized.

Security is taken very seriously in any business, and if you’re hoping to eliminate payroll fraud and buddy punching among your employees, you might want to consider fingerprint scanners which can be used alongside Time Clock MTS. The only fingerprint scanners which will work are Digital Persona 4000/4500 USB scanners, and these can be easily plugged into your computers. The combination of fingerprint scanners and Time Clock MTS will give you the ideal biometric time clock station for your business.

A Digital Personal USB Finger Scanner

A Digital Personal USB Finger Scanner

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