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Last week I was asked what the key selling point of Time Clock MTS was? I thought for a while before saying the following….”the software is designed primarily to be extremely simple to use for employees ensuring that the quality of time and attendance data collected is as high as possible and the on-going cost of ownership to the company is as low as possible”. Time Clock MTS is in fact, time clock software designed for your employees. Much time has been spent streamlining the process that employees go through to clock in or out of Time Clock MTS and in it’s most simple form they can do so with just two mouse clicks. There’s a little more work if you want your employees to enter a PIN number or password when they clock in or if you want them to use their fingerprint to clock in or out but even then you’re talking about less than 10 seconds work.

In my experience, any software that makes the employee’s task of clock in or out difficult or time consuming will result in one or many of the following happening:

  • The failure to of the employees to use the time clock system altogether or only sporadically, meaning employee attendance information will neither be timely or accurate.
  • Log jams at the start of shifts as employees queue to clock in or out meaning time is lost on non income generating administrative tasks.
  • An on-going and recurring training expense for new hires as they need to be trained in the use of a clunky employee time clock system.

With the time we’ve spent refining and optimizing Time Clock MTS to be the easiest to use employee timeclock software on the market we’ve addressed all of these three points. We’re so confident of this that in most cases companies will pay for their initial purchase of Time Clock MTS within just a couple of months and have a system that allows them to get on with the work that generates their profits. If you’re interested in trying out Time Clock MTS free of charge for 30 days then head over to our download page to download Time Clock MTS.

Time Clock MTS

The Easy Employee TimeClock System

Time Clock MTS

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