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Dentists, dental clinics, and endondontics specialists probably comprise the biggest single type of business that uses Time Clock MTS to track their employee time and attendance. As of mid-March 2013 there’s 350 different companies of this type using Time Clock MTS or about 3% of companies who use the software.

It’s probably no great surprise because most small dental practices comprise one or two dental professionals (who typically are the owners) and a number of technical and administrative support staff who are paid hourly. It’s not unusual for the staff to work different hours to the owners and because of this tracking attendance accurately and with minimal effort is vital to minimize both payroll overheads and time clock fraud. Payroll overheads are a a real and unavoidable cost but good dental time clock software will help minimize the cost and stop payroll errors.

Time clock fraud however, can easily be eliminated. If you want to see the type of time clock fraud that goes on in the dental practice take a look at this thread on The Dental Lab Network. The examples mentioned in that thread involved an hour or more of unworked time being claimed by an employee every single day. Installation of Time Clock MTS to replace written records would eliminate that activity almost immediately saving the up-front cost of the software in just a week or so. Even if employees get more crafty and start punching in and out for each other a dental lab or dental practice could easily implement the biometric time and attendance features of Time Clock MTS to eliminate that too. In fact, just recently I wrote about how you could implement our biometric time attendance software for well under US$200.

Of course if you start using our dental time clock software you wont just save money in reduction of payroll errors and elimination of time clock fraud. You’ll also get access to other time and money saving features such as employee sick time and vacation tracking and accruals, employee time-off requests, and even more interestingly, our time clock job tracking features. This could be extremely useful in a lab-based environment to track exactly what tasks the technicians are working on during the day.

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