Biometric Time and Attendance Software for Under $200

Almost any business can benefit from the use of time attendance software in preference to paper based timesheets or time-cards. Further benefits can be seen by using biometric time attendance software as this will completely eliminate the practice of buddy punching. Buddy punching is when employees punch in and out for each other in an attempt to misrepresent their real work hours. Biometric security on your time and attendance software obviously eliminates because the technology makes it extremely difficult to pretend to be anyone else.

Biometric security for time clock software can take several forms but the most common and most cost-effective is fingerprint attendance tracking. Time Clock MTS can make use of a Digital Persona U.are.U fingerscanner to give you access to a fully featured biometric time clock system for a very low cost. In fact, something less than US$200. This is extremely cost effective compared with the cost of a physical biometric time clock machine at more than US$1500 per machine Let’s take a look at the cost of each component of a biometric attendance system.

Time Clock Software Cost

The Stand Alone Edition of Time Clock MTS will track up to 500 employees on one computer and costs just US$99 (US). There’s no on-going fees with this and you’ll have a lifetime license to use the current major version of Time Clock MTS.

Cost So Far: $99 (US)

Fingerprint Scanner Cost

We don’t have an affiliation with any hardware seller who sells Digital Persona fingerscanners but we’ve had some luck buying off of California PC. Right now they are selling DigitalPersona 4500 USB scanners for US$88.95. If you hunt around you might find the same unit $10 or so cheaper. However, for this sake of this exercise we’ll set the cost of a scanner at US$90.

Cost So Far: US$189

A Digital Personal USB Finger Scanner

A Digital Personal USB Finger Scanner

Computer Cost

Time Clock MTS needs a Windows PC to run on and the Digital Persona scanner needs a Windows PC with a USB port to plug into. Pretty much any version of Windows from Windows XP onwards will run Time Clock MTS and work with the fingerscanner. Given that very few users of our software buy a dedicated PC just to use it I’m going to assume a zero cost for a computer for your biometric time attendance software. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, Time Clock MTS has very low system requirements and will run on pretty much any computer made in the last 13 years. Most businesses have old PC’s in storage that can be revived for dedicated use as a time clock computer. The second reason is that Time Clock MTS is often installed on a shared computer which is used for other tasks (such as a PC in your reception area).

Total Cost: US$189

Finishing Up

That’s it, US$189 for a fully featured time attendance system with biometric security. In my experience this cost will often be recovered in just a month or two through elimination of payroll errors and reduction of payroll costs due to elimination of payroll fraud. It may be a little hard to believe but I constantly get emails from users who report a real reduction in payroll hours after they implement biometric attendance tracking.

You can try out Time Clock MTS free of charge for 30 days. If you’re happy with the software after the trial period go ahead and purchase a Digital Persona Fingerprint Scanner and you too can join the biometric security revolution!

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