Time Clock MTS and The Gifted Child Society

Geoffrey Keitel, Assistant Camp Director for The Gifted Child Society who are based in New Jersey reached out to us recently asking about how he might best use Time Clock MTS to track attendance at their Summer Super Stars Camp. His particular areas of concern were with the sheer number of campers, instructors, and counselors they have to track and his need for real time data. Time Clock MTS excels in these areas. I’ll let Geoffrey take it from here:

The Gifted Child Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization from New Jersey, USA. Our vision is to become the Center of Excellence for the overall well-being of gifted children and the essential resource for the families, educators and other support groups who inspire them. Our mission is to encourage and further the overall well-being of gifted children, through each stage of their development, and to provide them with the inspiration and means by which they will achieve their full potential. In support of the above, we provide specialty enrichment programs to our gifted learners, including our Saturday Workshops and Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM program, among others. Our organization has been working with gifted children since our incorporation in 1957.

Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM begins on June 27th and we are currently ramping up for our opening day. Our camp offers both academic and recreational activities for gifted students during the summer holiday from school. At this time, most of our work is manual and extremely time-intensive. We have stepped up our efforts significantly this year to streamline and redesign our operational infrastructure to create an effective and productive foundation from which we can successfully operate. To this end, we have been searching for ready-made, affordable solutions that would reduce or completely eliminate the need for paper in many of our manual processes. Given that we are a non-profit organization, we do not have funding available to accomplish what we have identified as key areas to automate/ streamline so we have been exploring what alternatives are “out there”, in hopes we could find a solution that we could use. That’s how we found you and your Time Clock MTS solution, which is nothing short of fabulous.

As of now, our attendance tracking oversight is completely manual, extremely time-consuming, and has the potential for error, which is a huge challenge for us as we keep track of hundreds of campers, up to thirty instructors, and over 60 camp counselors. Any reporting errors negatively impact our payroll processing directly. From what we’ve read about Time Clock MTS Stand Alone, your solution would enable us to cut our time spent tracking attendance tremendously, and would significantly reduce the potential for error. The accuracy and design of your system would give us the ability to create “real-time” attendance reports both for staff which is much needed for us. Since we work with gifted learners aged pre-K through 8th grades, this is a significant process that requires intense oversight; having a tool such as this available would help us tremendously.

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