Sumter Humane Society and Time Clock MTS

Rob Brown of the Sumter Humane Society in Georgia was kind enough to send through a great letter today about how they’ve been using Time Clock MTS for the last three years. He sent the letter through as a PDF file that you can view here. I’ve also reproduced the contents below.


August 18, 2014
Timesheets MTS Software

Dear Mark,
We have been using the Timeclock MTS software for over 3 years and have been very satisfied with the product. When we initially consider using Timeclock, the free trial made our evaluation completely without risk as we could test drive it before we had to commit any funds. We are a small non-profit humane society and rely on donations to exist so we spend very wisely and the Timeclock software was a good value for us.

Although we are small having only 8 paid employees, having time software is a real time saver come payday. Our bookkeeper works on site and at times offsite, but the program allows for easy export of date into Excel so the time reports can easily be emailed for payroll processing or other reporting.

We have yet to use many of the other features, but we have talked of using the fingerprint scanner for clocking in and out, to reduce any hours fraud, that is in our near future.
Overall we could not ask for a better and easier to use product and will be happy customers for years to come.

Thank you,

Rob Brown
Sumter Humane Society

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