Corinth Fire Department and Time Clock MTS

Chief Lonnie Kuhn and the volunteer fire department in Corinth, Kentucky have been using Time Clock MTS.  Lonnie was kind enough to send through some information recently explaining how and why they are using Time Clock MTS.


Thank you for the registration key, and I love how your company helps out us little guys by allowing access to your software.


Our department began using Time Clock MTS several years ago, as we are a fully volunteer agency, this software has helped our agency significantly with reports showing our Rural Fire Board, as well as our County Fiscal Court the benefits that would come from the possibility of reimbursing our members with some type of monetary reimbursement (whether it be a stipend type reimbursement, or something of that nature (large annual get together, company picnic or something like that). By our agency showing the powers that be how much time our members devote to the Volunteer Fire Department, it has allowed a better understanding by them of what it takes for department to function, and just how much time our members devote to the department, away from their families and family functions.


Thank you greatly for allowing us the use of your software, and I look forward to contributing at some point in time in the future to the software.



Chief Lonnie Kuhn

Corinth Fire Department

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