Time Clock MTS Case Study – Frix-Jennings Medical Clinic

The good folk at the Frix-Jennings Clinic on West Main St in Henderson, Tennessee have been using our timeclock software for about a year. Recently, the HR Director there, Crystal Kuykendall was asking me some questions via email about possibly upgrading to Version 5 of the software. I happened to ask her how the clinic was finding the software and she (very graciously) took the time to write a rather lengthy reply to that simple question. Here’s what she had to say:

We have a small business with multiple locations. Our old time system was a punch card system. At end of payroll our other locations would have to fax their time card copies to our main office and we then gathered them up and delivered all cards to our accountant’s office. The accountant spent many hours verifying timecards and they were hard to read, hard to calculate etc. After all that time then payroll would be processed. The extra time spent verifying timecards was reflected on our bill from the accountant’s office. We would then get these timecards back and have to store them. Boxes upon boxes of stored used timecards.


In an effort to save time and money the accountant started looking into a computerized time system for us. She sent a recommendation to us to look at Time Clock MTS. My Practice Administrator had me look into the recommendation. I went thru the tutorials and even asked questions regarding the system. The tutorials were easy to follow as well as any questions I had regarding the system were always answered within 24 hours. Our Main Initial Criteria was…..We needed an easy to use system that could track work hours, job location hours and vacation time used. Time Clock MTS could do all this AND MORE……The decision was made…….Go forward with purchase.


We started actively using Time Clock MTS in March 2013. After entering our employee data we did a trial run of 2 payrolls’s and had employees use both systems to compare the accuracy of the calculations. The trials were flawless. We threw away the punch cards and haven’t looked back!!!! The ease of using the system at our 4 separate locations and being able to monitor it from one Administrative site has been wonderful.


I can run the report from our main location for all employees and all locations and send it to the accountant. She no longer has to spend hours pouring over punch cards and deciphering the calculations!!! We no longer have to take days gathering up timecards to send to the accountant or store old timecards!!


We have tweaked our system and the money saved on accountant fees is considerable. Any questions I have ever had regarding the product were explained either by the website tutorials or answered via email promptly.

Now that we have down pat what our main criteria use was, we are looking into the other great things it has to offer that we are able to implement; like using the system to make announcements and other things.


The service is outstanding and the product is amazing. The old time clock still hangs on the wall….gathering dust!!!!


I highly recommend Time Clock MTS…..It has been a HUGE asset to our company.

Obviously I was a little stunned to receive such a lengthy response and for Crystal to graciously allow me to publish it here on our blog. I cannot thank her or the staff of the Frix-Jennings Medical clinic enough for taking the time to provide such valuable feedback on the software!

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