Why Aren’t My Time Clock Reports Showing Hours and Minutes?

Here’s a question we got from a Time Clock MTS user recently.

I have downloaded the trial version of the time clock, which I find very useful. I don’t understand how is this calculating the time. I need it to calculate time on hourly basis (60 minutes) on the reports. But the reports calculation don’t match my calculations. Can you please tell me where do I fix this? I will really appreciate your help.

Of course reports can be configured in Time Clock MTS to show times in decimal hours (for example 1.1 hours) or hours and minutes (for example 1 hr, 6 minutes). A lot of users prefer decimal hours because it makes payroll and overtime calculations a lot easier, some others are just interested in attendance times and like the easier to understand hours and minutes reports. Here’s my reply to the above email:

Do you have the reports setup to show in hours and minutes? If not you can change this on the Tools->Options-> Report Settings page. If that’s not the problem perhaps you can give me some more detail on what the specifics of your issues are?

The user got back to me and the report settings was indeed their problem. If you’re not exactly sure of what I’m talking about try taking a look at the report settings help topic.

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