Using Your Trial Period Data

One of the more popular questions I get asked by companies that are planning to purchase Time Clock MTS usually goes something along the lines of:

“Can I keep using the information I’ve setup in the trial version of Time Clock MTS when I purchase the software and what do I need to do to keep using it?”

The very short answer to this question is “Yes and and you don’t need to do anything“.

The longer answer is yes you can keep using the data and there’s nothing you need to other than enter your registration key when you purchase the software to keep using the data. From day one Time Clock MTS was designed to give you the minimal amount of disruption when you’re using the trial or transitioning to from the trial to the purchased version. A few weeks ago I talked about what you get when you purchase Time Clock MTS. One of these was the license code, when this is entered into Time Clock MTS the trial period is removed and the software transforms itself into the purchased version and you’ll just keep working. That’s it. Nothing else, no need to download and install anything else, no need to re-build your dataset, no need to re-configure the software.

In conclusion let me re-state, to keep using your trial data when you purchase Time Clock MTS you really don’t need to do anything!

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