Time Clock MTS In Action – Timing Racing Cars

It’s a co-incidence that I’ve done two of these ‘Time Clock MTS in Action’ blog entries in two days. However, I got an email from a user of the software who was using it for such a novel purpose that I just had to write about it! The user in question is using the software to record lap times for a particular type of off road racing where times are only required to be recorded to the nearest second. Rather than explain it myself I’ll quote the email I received directly.

As you may have realized I am using your software for a slightly different area that you may have inteneded!!!

I compete in Offroad racing and we do numerous laps following a desiginated course. Each Competitior /car leaves at 1 minute intervals to complete a lap. At the end of 8 – 10 laps all the times are added together and the overall winners of each class are the shortest combined lap times.

Sorry if ive waffled on or if this is a project that you dont believe is suitable for you software, but I am confident that it has fantastic potential for other small clubs like ours, in the timekeeping area.

You’ll see from the screenshot above that the user has customized the interface of Time Clock MTS to suit his particular application. Some time ago I wrote a blog entry showing you how to customize the Time Clock MTS interface by using the Interface Settings screen. He is also making use of the punchcard report with customized headers and footers to produce race reports.

Well it certainly is an application for Time Clock MTS that I had never considered. If you’re using Time Clock MTS in your business and want to share your story with the rest of the companies that use the software please feel free to contact me with your story.

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