Time Clock MTS Configuration and Log File Directory Part 2

In Part 1 of this entry we had a look at the directory where Time Clock MTS stores all of it’s local configuration and logging information. Now we’ll take a quick look at the files in this location and what they are used for.

  • clientlog.txt – contains all the logging information for the client version of Time Clock MTS
  • log.txt – contains all of the user interface logging information for the administrator version of Time Clock MTS
  • logdll.txt – contains all of the business logic logging for both the client and administrator versions
  • timeclock.ini – contains all the local configuration options for both versions of the software
  • timeclock.mdb – found in the Database sub directory this is the MS Access version of the Time Clock MTS database. If you cant see this file then it’s because it has been moved.

Just a quick final tip. If you are having problems with Time Clock MTS and you’re emailing us about them it’s always a good idea to attach the log.txt and logdll.txt files to the email as they can contain a lot of useful information that helps us get to the bottom of your problems.

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