Setting up Simple 40 Hour Weekly Overtime

Here’s a question we got recently from a user:

I’m wondering how to setup our overtime rules. Our overtime is calculated based off a Sunday to Saturday work week. Any hours worked over 40 should be paid at overtime rate.

There’s two things to answer here, firstly, how to setup the work week, and second, how to setup the simple 40 hour weekly overtime. The first day of the work week can be configured from the Tools->Options->Payroll Settings screen, which is only accessible when you’re logged in as the time clock administrator. The Payroll Settings screen scan be seen below.

Simple Overtime – Payroll Settings

To change the First Day of the Week choose an option from the First Day of Week dropdown. In this case we’re going to choose Sunday. This means that overtime calculations will start on Sunday of each week. Next we need to adjust the overtime settings to suit, overtime settings are available on the Tools->Options->Overtime Settings screen (see below).

Simple Overtime – Overtime Settings

Setting up weekly overtime using this screen is quite simple. Make sure ALL boxes are unchecked except for the Pay Weekly Overtime box. Enter the Weekly Overtime Limit in the text box next to this checkbox, in this case 40 hours. The final step is to choose a Overtime Calculation method from the Overtime Calculation dropdown box. We’ll choose “Weekly Only” in this case. When you’re happy with settings click the Save button and you’re done!

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