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It seems to be the week for new Time Clock MTS users asking great questions. Here’s a few questions I’ve just been asked about the Time Clock MTS Client software plus some great suggestions.

Question : The client version icons go blue after a short time; on the admin stations the icons next to the staff names stay green or red based on their clock in status; do you know why there is a difference?

Answer : This is the clients going idle to stop them clogging up the network. Whenever an employee clicks their name it will update their status. Look here for more information: The Time Clock MTS Client Idle State

Question : We also wonder why the client version does not allow for robust administrative privileges like the trial version (after logging in as administrator, of course).

Answer : The client does allow you to run reports and so on but not configure software options, add employees, and so on. This is a design choice in the software.

Question : Can you change it so that you can have multiple administrators logged in at the same time?

Answer : 3) No, you can only have one administrator logged in at once. But as I said above you can run reports from the client computers.

Suggestion : I would like to suggest that the administrators be given access to change the formatting of the “canned” reports without having to export into excel. For example, we have a few fields that we would like bold; it would be great to be able to go into the report settings and input some html code to make those fields format to our preferences.

Answer : Selective formatting of reports is under development right now.

Suggestion: We would also like to see the administrators have power to change certain defaults on the interface screen. Currently each staff member would have to go in to change certain settings (for example punchcard vs. job punchcard, view employee information etc.) when viewing or printing their time sheets. We would love it if we could set defaults so they have fewer things to choose.

Answer : Employees can only view three different reports. This provides them with a good amount of information without overwhelming them with the entire list of several dozen different reports.

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