I’ve Bought an Upgrade to the Latest Version and My Registration Keys Don’t Work

If you’ve bought an upgrade to the latest version of Time Clock MTS then within a few hours you’ll receive a new set of registration keys via email. These registration keys need to be entered into Time Clock MTS to unlock the software and remove the 30 day trial period. It all sounds pretty simple but from time to time people do have trouble getting their new registration keys to work. This article takes those people through the possible reasons why they keys are not working and how to fix it. The solutions presented below are in decreasing order of likelihood, so the first solution (You Haven’t Upgraded the Software Yet) is the most LIKELY reason your registration keys don’t seem to be working.

You Haven’t Upgraded the Software Yet

The registration keys DO NOT UPGRADE THE SOFTWARE FOR YOU. You have to actually upgrade Time Clock MTS to the latest version BEFORE the registration keys will work. You can tell if you’re using the latest version of Time Clock MTS by looking at the Help->About screen (see the image below) in the software and comparing the version number with the current version number of the software that you can see on our support page. If the version numbers do not match then you need to upgrade your software BEFORE trying to use your new registration keys.

What Version Are You Using?

What Version Are You Using?

If you’re not sure how to upgrade Time Clock MTS then you should watch this video. Remember that the latest version upgrade installers can always be downloaded from our website. Make sure that you upgrade ALL computers that you have Time Clock MTS installed on, including the time clock administrator computer and all the client computers.

You Bought the Wrong Thing When Upgrading

Sometimes mistakes happen you’ll find out you’ve simply bought the wrong thing when you upgraded. Perhaps you needed the Network Edition of Time Clock MTS and you bought the Stand Alone Edition. Or perhaps you needed the Network PLUS Edition (to support SQL Server) and you only bought the Network Edition. Regardless, this is easily fixed. Just contact us and we’ll supply you with a purchase link to the correct version of Time Clock MTS as well as a coupon code to credit you for your previous purchase. Once the purchase is made you’ll be issued with a new registration key.

You’re Just Not Entering the Registration Key Details Correctly

Occasionally it turns out that the reason your registration key isn’t working is….well it’s because you’re just not entering it properly. Whether it be the key itself, the registration name, the number of employees or the number of clients. It’s possible to enter any one of those wrong and the registration key simply wont work. There’s a great video demo here covering how to register Time Clock MTS and what pitfalls to look out for. It’s worth a watch to work out where you might be going wrong.

You’ve Bought a Previous Upgrade That Has Not Been Taken Into Account

Sometimes users have bought previous upgrades for Time Clock MTS (such as upgrades to allow for more employees or more time clock clients) that our internal systems have not accounted for. So when you purchase an upgrade to the latest release our automatic systems don’t account for these previous upgrades and your registration keys don’t either. Fixing this is dead simple, contact us, let us know what previous upgrade has not been accounted for and we’ll adjust our records and issue you with a new registration key.

Our Systems Have Generated the Wrong Key

Generation of your registration keys is carried out completely automatically by our systems without any intervention by us. And generally those systems do a fantastic job of generating the right registration keys for Time Clock MTS users. However, sometimes things do go wrong and a key is generated that doesn’t match the requirements of the Time Clock MTS user. Nothing to panic about, just contact us and we’ll get a bit of human intervention happening and make sure you get the RIGHT registration key as soon as possible.

Hey I Don’t Think It’s Any of Those! What do I do now?

If you believe your case doesn’t fit one of the situations above then just contact us and we’ll get things sorted out for you.

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