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At the time that this blog entry was written Time Clock MTS was being used by more than 100 hotels, inns, villas, and motels to track their staff attendance, generate payroll reports, and monitor staff leave and accruals. I’ve had a lot of emails over the last few years from these types of users about how best to configure the software to suit their requirements so I thought it would be worthwhile listing off some of what I’ve learned in this time.

Split Hotel Staff by Departments

If you’re using Time Clock MTS as hotel time attendance software you’re going to want to split your employees into departments to mirror the functional areas found in a typical hotel. Obvious departments to setup and assign to Time Clock MTS employees are housekeeping, front office, reservations, uniformed services, bar and wait staff, and administrative staff. Clearly it’s going to be worthwhile splitting up your hotel time attendance tracking by department so that payroll expenses for different cost centers can be tracked more easily. Also, Time Clock MTS can be much easier to use if departments are setup and the Departmental Folder View on the Interface Settings screen is used. Also don’t forget that most Time Clock MTS reports can be run for a single department and that there’s some reports built into the software specifically aimed at tracking departmental costs such as the Departmental Wages Report.

Use Job Tracking for Detailed Cost Tracking

Time Clock MTS is designed to be useful for companies with a single employee right up to companies with hundreds of employees. In the case of bigger hotels departmental time and attendance tracking may be sufficient, but in smaller operations where employees are expected to perform multiple roles the more detailed cost tracking offered by job tracking can be more useful. Job tracking will allow you to track your time attendance and easily see what hours are being spent on revenue generating activities and what hours are being spent on indirect costs. All this while still being able to track the time and attendance of hotel staff. Obvious jobs to setup would be similar to those discussed above in the discussion of hotel departments.

Built In Tip Tracking Makes Things Easy for Bar and Wait Staff

Most hotels or motels have staff who rely on tips and gratuities as a significant part of their income. Time Clock MTS provides an all-in-one solution to allow you to track their time attendance data and tips. You can read more about our tip tracking features here. Time Clock MTS also includes powerful tip tracking reports that fulfill the IRS reporting requirements of the hotel/motel as an employer and other reports useful for the employee directly.


Time Clock MTS is used across a number of industries and is both flexible and powerful enough to be truly useful in most employee time attendance tracking situations. It has certainly proven to be useful in the hotel / motel industry with a number of features that are directly applicable. If you’re currently using Time Clock MTS in a hotel, motel, villa complex, or inn and there’s a feature missing that you’d love to see added to the software please contact me and let me know.

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