How to Stop Employees Changing the Computer Time

Here’s a question we just got from a Time Clock MTS user:

I seem to have another problem that I’m not sure we can solve. The guys that are using the time clock are pretty computer savy. I’m sure one of them changed the date on the computer that they sign in on – the time that is used is off of the that computer not the time on the “client” computerm(or my computer)… I have not “called” them on it yet and won’t unless it happens again, but I went out and it is very easy to change the clock and clock in or out then change the clock back to the regular time. Do you know of any way to LOCK the time on the computer they are signing in on? Or any other way around it?

There’s a few ways to prevent this sort of thing from happening, here’s the solutions I suggest in the order that I consider best to worst.

  1. Setup your Windows system to get the system time from an Internet Time Server and then put in place a system policy to remove permissions for your Windows users to change the system time.
  2. Configure Time Clock MTS to get it’s time from an Internet Time Server. We’ve recently setup our own dedicated time server, so we suggest you make use of it for maximum reliability.
  3. Turn on the “Do Not Allow System Clock Changes” setting and require the administrator password when the software is started. You can change both these settings on the Security Settings Page. This will prevent users from closing Time Clock MTS, changing the system time and then re-starting the software.
  4. Turn on the “Do Not Allow System Clock Changes” setting on the Security Settings Page. This is fairly insecure because employees can just close the software and change the system time and re-start the software.

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