Problems with Time Server

In the last week or so a number of Time Clock MTS users have reported problems with the Time Server in New York when using it to set the internal Time Clock MTS time. Investigations have confirmed that this server is no longer responding to calls for the NTP time so I’ve replaced it on the list of available time servers on the Security Settings page of Time Clock MTS. One of the other servers was not working too so I’ve deleted that and added three new servers that are confirmed to be working.

The three new servers are: in Colorado in Virginia in Illinois

If you don’t want to upgrade Time Clock MTS then you can just use one of these server addresses in the Custom Time Server option of Time Clock MTS. If you do want to upgrade you’ll need to upgrade to Time Clock MTS Version 2.5.3. If you don’t know how to upgrade Time Clock MTS then take a look at our Upgrading Time Clock MTS tutorial.

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