Online Time Clock MTS BETA Test Period Opens

I’m happy to announce that Online Time Clock MTS is now available for testing during a completely free BETA test period. This will allow you to use Online Time Clock MTS completely free of charge while we develop and test it prior to it going completely commercial in a few months. We’ve tried to bring the same user friendly interface and features that you, the Time Clock MTS user have helped us develop over the years to the online version of Time Clock MTS.

Time Clock MTS and Online Time Clock MTS are not compatible at the moment, but the plan is that we’ll develop a data export tool to allow you to send your Time Clock MTS data to the online version. Once that happens you’ll be able to transition to Online Time Clock MTS and use that instead of Time Clock MTS (you won’t be able to use both at the same time with the same data).

If you’re interested in learning more about the new online application then head on over and read about Online Time Clock MTS or just dive straight in and sign up for a free online time clock account and start using it.

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