Scheduling Employee Attendance with Software

It’s not unusual for a time clock software package like Time Clock MTS to include a employee scheduler because in a lot of cases employee scheduling or time tabling go hand in hand. However, we’ve always wanted Time Clock MTS to be a low cost and easy use and maintain employee time and attendance system. Because of this we’ve never added an employee scheduler to it. However, we’re happy to say that we’ve been working with a company (Sensible Software) in New York state who have been developing their own employee scheduling software called Employee Scheduling Pro. We’ve got a long standing relationship with Sensible Software and we were involved in the testing process for Employee Scheduling Pro and we’ve found it to be just like Time Clock MTS, powerful yet simple to use. It’s ideal for any company wanting to develop and schedule their employee work times and we heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a employee scheduler to complement Time Clock MTS.

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