2010 The Year in Review

At the end of the first week of 2011 it’s probably about time I spent a few minutes looking back at 2010 and what’s happened with Time Clock MTS during the year. We averaged one new release of Time Clock MTS a month during the year, as always concentrating on fixing up problems as they are found by Time Clock MTS users and adding features that are the most commonly requested. The biggest release of the year was in October with Version 3 being unleashed and containing a lot of new tweaks and enhancements to make the software easier to use while being more flexible to suit more and more businesses.

The number of companies using Time Clock MTS continued to grow during 2010 with the total number of companies growing by around 25% in total and now numbering several thousand. We’re still seeing some effects of the GFC on our sales with 2010 being pretty flat compared with 2009. This is particularly apparent in our sales in the United States but 2011 has started off very well and perhaps there’s a new air of confidence in business circles. Let’s hope so for all our sakes, I think the lingering effects of the GFC should be put behind us and the time to move forward has come.

2011 promises to be an interesting year, we have many plans for Time Clock MTS as well as the on-going development of Online Time Clock MTS. The goal is to mirror the functionality of Time Clock MTS in the online version and to provide a good level of data interchangeability. The first step in this will allow people to move seamlessly from one version to the other. The longer term goal is to allow the two systems to operate together, so you could allow your employees to clock in and out via a web interface while running reports and configuring the software from the desktop admin software.

I’ll draw this entry to a close here. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and wish you all a fruitful and happy New Year!

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