Version 6.0.3 Released

Today we uploaded version 6.0.3 of Time Clock MTS. Changes made to this version are detailed below.


  • The Employee Enter Note screen has been updated to the modern UI standards used elsewhere in the software.
  • New settings added to allow customization of labels on the front screen of the software. Labels added Enter, Refresh, Clear, Tips, and Go. These labels can be adjusted on the Display Settings screen.
  • Changes made to about 20 screens to allow entry of non-English (such as cyrillic, Greek, Japanese and so on) characters allowing customization of the front screen of the software for non-English speaking countries.
  • Spent some time re-ordering the draw sequences on the front screen to stop flickering.
  • The column widths have been adjusted on the Daily Job Time Report so that the report prints on fewer pages.


  • The vertical scroll bar now displays correctly on the Edit Times screen if you have a long employee list.
  • The employee comments report now actually generates when you want it to.
  • Some of the tooltip popups on the Report Configuration and Data Export screens were wrong. This has now been fixed.
  • Cleaned up the initial values on the Sick Time and Vacation Accrual screens that were causing issues with some regional versions of Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with the data type of the dblApplyAutomaticBreakAfter column in the settings table. For some reason it was set to a text value rather than numeric. This was causing a type conversion error in some regional versions of Windows (in particular Norwegian).
  • Fixed the backend database data type of the dblApplyAutomaticBreakAfter column in the settings table.

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