Version 5.0.4 Released

We’ve been largely happy with the release of Version 5 of the software with just a few minor issues that needed fixing up. The last of these have been cleared up in version 5.0.4 of the software which is uploading to our website as I write this. This will be the last bug fix release before we begin development of version 5.1 which will include some new features. Here’s the details of what has been done to this version:

  • The Daily Hours Report now displays times correctly in (decimal hours) or hh:mm:ss format as per the setting on the Report Settings screen.
  • The Daily Hours Report no longer displays zero activity employees if the Exclude Zero Activity Employees check box is ticked on the Report Configuration screen.
  • Fix to the Database Connection Wizard that was preventing connections to MySQL or SQL Server databases.
  • A fix to the time period dropdown boxes on the Edit Times screen. The first day in the last 7/14/28 days periods was not being selected correctly.
  • The Enter Note screen has had a 30 second timer added to it. If the employee does not enter a note within 30 seconds the Enter Note window will close and the employee punch in or out will be cancelled.

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