Version 5.1.5 Released

A release today that addresses a problem that’s been hanging about for a while that we’ve struggled to get to the bottom of. There’s a couple of other little tweaks and some enhancements to make some processes easier.


  • The Registration menu was disabled when not logged in as the administrator and this proved a little confusing to new users of the software who didn’t realize they needed to be logged in as the admin to register the software. The menu item is now permanently enabled and simply prompts the user for the admin password when it is selected.
  • Users are now prompted to confirm exiting the fingerprint enrollment screen if there are unsaved changes.


  • Some users were seeing an overflow error if they left the software running for a long period. A fix has been put in place for this.
  • Changed the way the employee data was passed to and from the fingerprint enrollment screen in an attempt to solve the bug that stopped employee fingerprints from saving despite what appeared to be a successful enrollment process. Fix appears to have worked.
  • Put in place logging on the fingerprint enrollment screen to get to the bottom of why some enrollments were not saving correctly.

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