Version 5.1.3 Released

Version 5.1.3 of Time Clock MTS has been released. There’s five fixes included in this release, here’s the details of those fixes:

  • Fixed a rounding error on the Edit Times screen that could result in the wrong week day being displayed if the time was close to 12:00AM and time rounding was turned on.
  • Fixed an error that prevented inactive bulletins from being displayed on the Manage Bulletins screen.
  • Fixed a problem with the header of the QuickBooks export file.
  • Forced all times for QuickBooks export to use the hh.hh (decimal hours) format. hh:mm:ss seemed to work in some cases but not in others so the safest approach was taken.
  • Fixed up problem with the “Show Payroll Information” checkbox on the Report Configuration screen being deactivated if the Job Punchcard Report was selected when the screen was first opened.

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