Version 4.1.4 Released

I’ve been working on Time Clock MTS Version 4.1.4 for a few weeks now and have uploaded it to the website today. Here’s a detailed list of the changes made to this release.

  1. Fixed a typo on the Vacation Accruals and Sick Time Accruals screens.
  2. Resetting the administrator password by answering the secret questions is no longer case dependent.
  3. Reworked the trial reminder to be a more attractive form rather than a simple message box. Also, the trial reminder can now be dismissed for up to seven days.
  4. When the trial is expired a proper form is now displayed rather than a simple message box.
  5. When operating in free mode there is only one reminder rather than one every time the software is started.
  6. There was a problem with the Job Details Report showing times booked against no job being recorded against a non existent job number. This has now been fixed.
  7. The “Clock All Employees Out” button on the Edit Times screen now allows the administrator to clock the selected employee (or all employees) in.
  8. The employee and administrator time off request screens now do proper date sorts for all date based columns.
  9. When a time off request is deleted from the administrator time off request screen the time off requests retain their sort order.
  10. Time Clock MTS now remembers the setting to automatically create a bulletin when a time off request is approved.
  11. The employee bulletin screen is no longer shown to employees if there are no bulletins to show the employee.

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