Version 4.1.3 Released

On Saturday just gone I uploaded version 4.1.3 of Time Clock MTS. This new version includes a couple of bug fixes and adds a new report.

The new report is the Job Details Report. This gives a day by day and punch by punch breakdown of time spent by employees during the reporting period. If the time is spent on a job then the job code is displayed. Each punch is shown with the elapsed time in hours.

The first bug fix was to the recently added setting that allows employee list status refreshes on the Time Clock MTS Client Software. When the list refreshed the selected employee was de-selected. Now, when the list refreshes the employee remains selected. The second fix was to some of the background processing that enables employees to switch jobs rather than clocking out. One user was getting an “Already Clocked In” error. This is now fixed and the new code should result in less database accesses and will speed up the operation.

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