Version 4.0.8 Released

I’ve just uploaded a new version of our employee time card software, Time Clock MTS. Version 4.0.8 will be the last minor release before Version 4.1 is released sometime in March. Here’s a summary of the changes made in this release:

  • Various fixes to the job cost report and daily job time reports to account properly for times forced to overtime or forced to be neglected from overtime calculations.
  • A fix to the active job report when using the MySQL backend database option.
  • I spent a lot of time working on the log on the Edit Times screen. A completely new method of matching clock in/outs has been developed. This should result in a much faster screen not to mention a LOT less database access.
  • Fixed daily and weekly OT calculations to stop forced OT and neglect OT punches from effecting the OT limits.
  • The Edit Times screen now displays a (F) or an (I) next to a punch if that punch has been forced to overtime or is ignored for overtime calculations.
  • Punches on the Edit Times screen now display a slightly different icon if there is an employee note associated with the punch.

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