Version 4.0.3 Released

Our computerized employee time clock software, Time Clock MTS has just had a new version released. This new version adds a new report, some new report section template fields, and includes some debugging code for a crash one user is seeing on one computer. Here’s the changes in more detail.

  • The Daily Job Time Report has been added. This report breaks down time spent day by day, job by job, and clock in by clock in for each employee. Interestingly it also classifies the pay rate (normal, overtime 1, and overtime 2) for each clock in and clock out during the report period. This is the first Time Clock MTS report to do this.
  • Rates of pay have been (<NORMAL_RATE>,<OT_RATE>, and <OT2_RATE>) have been added to the Employee Header and Employee Details report section templates.
  • One user has been experiencing a hard crash on Windows 7 somewhere around a Windows repaint API call. I’ve added some debugging code in this region to try to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

The new report was added at the suggestion of one of our time clock users. I’m always looking for suggestions from our users, especially for new reports. Please, if you’ve got any suggestions contact me with your ideas.

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