Version 3.3.3 Released

Some interesting requests from users of our time clock software over the last few weeks have lead to many of the changes in Version 3.3.3 of the software which has just been uploaded. Here’s the details of the changes made to this version.

  • Added a header setting to the Export Data system. This allows a fixed header row to be defined for exported data sets.
  • Fixed a problem where the main application window disappeared after doing a large data export.
  • Hours on aggregate data exports are now formatted correctly.
  • Disabled employees are now displayed at the bottom of most employee lists.
  • Disabling an employee no longer requires a complex confirmation process.
  • The Daily Hours Report now only runs up to the actual selected report end date rather than the end of the week that the report end date is in.
  • Added a new “clock out” button to the Edit Times screen. This allows the time clock administrator to either clock out the selected employee or clock out all employees that are currently clocked in.
  • Changed some of the database connection settings to make the connection more reliable.

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