Version 3.2.10 Released

As I write this Time Clock MTS version 3.2.10 is being uploaded to our servers. There’s a couple of bug fixes in this release and a new feature.

  • The job selection list (reached by pressing the * button the job code entry screen) is now sizeable.
  • When using the department folder view of the employee list interface employees who are clocked in with the time classification OTHER are now displayed with a purple status icon.
  • Fixed a problem with the report field that was causing OTHER time taken on the last day of the report period to not be included in the report.
  • Time with the OTHER classification is no longer included in overtime calculations if the Sick/Vac Time Affect OT setting is not checked.

Version 3.2.9 of the software was also uploaded earlier this week. This fixed up a bug that stopped existing shifts from being editable.

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