Version 3.2.1 Released

I’ve just uploaded Version 3.2.1 of Time Clock MTS. This version contains a couple of new reports, some (hopefully) helpful new features, and some minor cosmetic fix ups to several screens. Details of the changes can be found below.

  • Added several tips focussed fields to the payroll information report section template.
  • Added some “OTHER” time classification fields to the accruals report section template.
  • Fixed up the TAB order on the bulk time entry screen, fixed some minor layout issues on the same screen too.
  • The time period on the Edit Times screen is now remembered.
  • Added the “Insert Missing Punch” button to the Edit Times screen. Allows you to insert a clock out and in into the middle of an existing clock in/out. That sentence is confusing enough to warrant a dedicated blog post on the topic. Stay tuned.
  • Changed the status message delay on the Keypad Interface to 10 seconds.
  • Fixed up some dodgy tooltip text on the Edit Employee screen.
  • Added the Time Off Report and the Simple Wages – Departmental Report.

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