Version 3.1.8 Released

I’ve just uploaded Version 3.1.8 of Time Clock MTS. This new version includes a couple of bug fixes, some new debug code to try to track down an issue a few users are having, and a couple of minor feature changes. The detailed changes can be found below:

  • A number of modifications have been made to the logging code including adding a time stamp to all log entries and logging the windows version (and service pack).
  • Users have been reporting an Error 52 (File not Found) when starting the software. Usually this is a permissions issue but it doesn’t seem to be this time. I’ve re-ordered the initialization code to try to catch where the error is happening and also put in some better error handling to at least give a more verbose message when the error fires.
  • Fixed a calculation error for salaried employees with a yearly salary period.
  • Fixed a problem with the Switch Jobs screen that could sometimes result in a clock out and clock in having exactly the same event time.
  • Employees clocked in with an OTHER time classification now have a purple status icon on the employee list screen (similar to those currently clocked in on vacation or sick time).
  • Automatic breaks are no longer applied to sick or vacation time.

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