Version 3.1.6 Released

A minor release of Time Clock MTS has just been released taking the software to version 3.1.6. Details of the (very few) changes can be found below.

  • Fixed a calculation error with the “Daily and Weekly Overtime (No Double Up)” overtime calculation method.
  • Added a “More Information” link next to the First Day Starts At setting on the Tools->Options->Payroll Settings screen. Lots of users are changing this setting without understanding the consequences and hopefully this link will prevent some of them from doing so.
  • Added a “No Job” section to the Job Time Report. Allows you to see what time was NOT spent working on jobs.
  • Changed the “What’s This” link to highlight when the mouse moves over it. This link can be found next to to the Use Fingerprint Scanner setting on the Tools->Options->Interface Settings screen.

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