Version 3.0.6 Released

I’ve just finished uploading the first release of Time Clock MTS for the year. It includes a couple of minor fixes, tweaks to reports, and added a new report. The details of the changes are shown below.

  • Total rows have been added to the Simple Wages Report and Time Breakdown Report. This is one of the first examples of cross pollination of ideas between our Web Time Clock system, Online Time Clock MTS and the desktop program Time Clock MTS. A user of the online system suggested the change to similar reports there and I’ve made the same change to the desktop product.
  • A new report, the Detailed Punchcard with Full Notes Report has been added. This is the same as the regular Detailed Punchcard Report but shows the full text from all time notes rather than just the first 60 characters.
  • The mouse cursor now turns to an hour glass when exporting reports to MS Excel to give an indication that something is happening.
  • A fix has been put in place to stop Excel throwing an error when the new window is clicked while a report export process is underway.

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