Version 2.5.8 Released

A new version of Time Clock MTS was released a couple of days ago that included a bug fix, some debugging for a potentially new bug, and an interesting new feature. Details of each are below.

  • A fix has been added for sick time and vacation accruals where a very short accrual period was selected (such as accruing 1 hour of leave for every 1 hour of work). The bug will not have affected many users.
  • Some detailed debugging code has been added to track the shift clock in time restriction. One user reported that his staff couldn’t clock in until 1 minute before shift start despite the limit being set to 6 minutes. Not sure what I’m talking about? Go take a look at the entry about stopping employees clocking in too early.
  • A new setting has been added to the Tools->Options->Job Tracking page. The ‘allow employees to create jobs’ setting will allow employees to create a new job when they enter a job code into Time Clock MTS that doesn’t already exist. If you’re not sure what the job tracking features of Time Clock MTS include try take a look at the job tracking time clock page.

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