Version 2.4.0 Released

A fairly major release today fixing up some minor problems and adding a major new feature, job tracking. I’ll do a detailed blog entry and static web site page on job tracking so I won’t cover it in too much detail here. Stay tuned for more details on how this exciting new feature works. A brief list of the changes can be found below.

  • Added job tracking. This included a new job tracking screen on the Tools->Options screen, two new reports (the active job and job time reports), a new employee setting (job tracking requirements), and two new data entry screens, the job code screen and the switch jobs screen.
  • Various changes to stop Time Clock MTS grabbing the windows focus when it is not the active window.
  • Fix to web cam image capturing when using the keypad interface.
  • Moved the error text box on the keypad interface, it was partially hidden by another text field.
  • When you’re logged in as the administrator you can double click on an employee in the employee list and be shown the edit employee details screen for that employee.

In the next few hours I’ll have some more information posted about the new job tracking features.

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