Version 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 Released

Many apologies for the two releases so close together, but it was critical to release version 2.2.8 due to a hard crash that some users were seeing.

Changes for version 2.2.8:

  • Fix to hard crash that some users were seeing. Root cause was the fingerprint scanner support. For the time being fingerprint support has been disabled. It will be re-instated within 24 hours.

Changes for version 2.2.7:

  • Added support for logging to an Excel worksheet. This can be enabled by running Time Clock MTS with the command line parameter ExcelDebug
  • Fixed a problem where the password was not being reset correctly during the 30 day trial period
  • Made various changes to allow easier recovery of forgotten or lost administrator passwords. Lots of users seem to lose them and I want to make sure this isn’t a programming issue with the software.
  • Employee image capture can now be setup on a client by client basis. Previously it could only be setup if the administrator PC had a webcam on it.
  • Fix to the view information button to require a finger scan when fingerprint security is activated.

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